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Descargar EBOOK Antechrista autor AMELIE NOTHOMB gratis online Título Del Libro: Antechrista
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ISBN 13: 9782226138828
Idioma del libro: ES
El autor del libro: AMELIE NOTHOMB
El editor: ALBIN MICHEL S.A.
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Antéchrista, best-selling novelist Amélie Nothomb’s latest book, is a sharply funny story about the entertaining struggle between an introverted outsider and an extroverted insider. “On the first day, I saw her smile. From that very moment, I wanted to know her.” Blanche, like everyone in the novel, is instantly drawn to the beautiful and popular Christa. But Blanche is the outcast of her high school; she has no friends, social life, love interest, or nice clothes, only a passion for reading alone in her room. Therefore no one is more surprised than Blanche when Christa asks to sleep over at her house once a week to avoid her long commute to school. As Blanche’s parents are won over by Christa’s charm and vitality – two qualities their own daughter seemingly lacks – the weekly sleepovers become more frequent until one day, to Blanche’s shock and outrage, they offer Christa a permanent bed in their daughter’s room! Blanche, meanwhile, begins to regret what she wished for. Christa slowly intrudes on her personal space, undermines her in front of her parents, subjects her to tedious recaps of her vacuous life, and cruelly chisels away at her already non-existent self-esteem. Yet Christa’s escalating narcissism and spitefulness go largely unnoticed because of the strong spell she has cast over everyone else. Only Blanche knows her by another, and truer, name: Antéchrista. This darkly comic tale blends together everyone’s deepest high school anxieties with notions of good and evil to create another one of Nothomb’s characteristically amusing, profound, and unforgettable works.

El autor es AMELIE NOTHOMB escribió un interesante libro titulado Antechrista. El libro de la publicó la editorial ALBIN MICHEL S.A., y en este momento por el libro de Antechrista PDF ISBN (9782226138828) es necesario pagar 17.10 euros por copia. Sin embargo, en nuestro sitio, Le ofrecemos descargar el libro Antechrista EPUB y otros formatos totalmente gratis para leer en el ordenador u otros dispositivos electrónicos. Con nosotros usted puede encontrar otros libros del autor AMELIE NOTHOMB, que te pueden gustar, igual que el libro de Antechrista EPUB. Únete a nuestra comunidad y recibe gratis el libro de Antechrista EPUB y otros, no menos interesantes de la edición.

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estoy absolutamente de nada, no entendía de este libro


Magnífico libro!!!


Es necesario leer cada


el teléfono tiene que conducir para proteger contra los robots escribí el número y descargado sin necesidad de registro


A pesar de las críticas, me ha gustado el libro!

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Descargar EBOOK Antechrista autor AMELIE NOTHOMB gratis online

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